Clinical Services


Aside from filling prescriptions, CureMed doubles as a clinical pharmacy that offers a multitude of clinical services for patients and doctors, services ranging from prior authorizations to genetic screening.

Prior Authorizations

We obtain direct approval from your insurance company without the need for your doctor to do it. Using the Prior Authorizations service allows us to cut the cost of your medications, especially when it is strongly recommended that you need it.

Annual Wellness Visits


Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is available at CureMed –  find out if you or a loved one could potentially hold serious risks to a disease, medication and much more as well as have the right tools to prevent it at our pharmacy. Read the article about the importance of genetic testing here.

Sleep Apnea

If you or a loved one suffers from sleep apnea, a common respiratory disorder in which the patient has pauses or very shallow breathing while sleeping, CureMed and a partner hold a program where you receive an oxygen device delivered right to your door.


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