Diabetes Program


CureMed Pharmacy has a Diabetes Self-Management Education program that provides an education to those suffering from Diabetes. It teaches patients how to make better food choices, manage AIC levels with proper diabetic care, and also provide follow-ups and information for a healthier lifestyle.

Our DSME program includes:

  1. Neuropathy pain management and foot care
  2. Food choices and meal planning
  3. A monthly call with you to follow up
  4. Monthly synchronization of your medication
  5. Managing AIC levels with proper diabetic care
  6. Receive exclusive access to pharmaceutical website to help build meals, track exercise, and more

Our DSME program members will receive:

  1. Free diabetic meter.
  2. Free box of alcohol pads.
  3. Free box of lancets.
  4. Special offer: $15 off for a box of diabetes test strips.

CureMed Pharmacy’s head pharmacist Dr. Ghada Abukuwaik is accredited in Diabetes Education. This means she is certified to teach the community about Diabetes and to how to cope with the condition as well, this privileged certification allows her to share her knowledge with people in the community while being trusted as a good source. Flyers and brochures are readily available at the pharmacy for everyone interested and one to one consultation is always welcomed.

Dr. Abukuwaik actively delivers workshops and seminars on the following topics:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Asthma
  • Blood pressure
  • Nutrition

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