Diabetes Screening and Why it is Important!

Diabetes Screening It’s quite common for someone with diabetes to not even have symptoms! It’s estimated that over 33% of people with diabetes, are not even aware of their condition. That means over 33% of people with diabetes are not currently seeking treatment, and could suffer from the severe complications

What Do I Need to Know About the Different Types of Cholesterol?

Cholesterol: Good VS Bad and What’s the Difference? It’s highly likely that at some point you’ve heard someone say they have to lower their cholesterol, or are eating foods to prevent high cholesterol. Maybe you have even worried about having high cholesterol yourself. But what is cholesterol? Why is some

Which Travel Vaccines Do I need to Travel?

Travel Vaccinations If you just booked a vacation, and tell your family or friends about it the question “have you gotten your shots?” will most likely come up. While it may be frustrating to get asked that while trying to talk about your upcoming travels, it truly is a good

Asthma and Allergies: How Are They Connected?

Asthma and Allergies Asthma and allergies are two of the most common chronic diseases, and what people may not realize is that there is a link between the two. Besides making you miserable, the two have a lot in common. Once you know what that link is, you may be

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